Slang or term of endearment for pussy.
Sandra: "Angie, did you wash your putch today for your

Angie: Of course I did Sandra. I didn't want him to say,

Damn, she has a smelly putch."
#pussy #cunt #vajajay #box #beaver
by Sandrina Angeline Knoxville June 30, 2009
Top Definition
putch displays any alphanumeric characters to the standard output device. It displays only one character at a time.
void main()
char ch='a';
#putchar #getch #getchar #c #c++
by Jason642 January 26, 2015
The combination of the terms "pussy" and "bitch"
Damien's a fucking putch.
#fuckboy #pussy #bitch #pitch #butch #velociraptor
by borsho March 09, 2015
Native slang for woman's vagina.
Also used to call someone stupid or in other words a cunt.
by Day September 07, 2003
Another term for spanking or open handed smack.
The mother warned her boys if they weren't behaving they would get a putch on the bum.
#spank #discipline #beat #paddle #slap
by rabidfan January 09, 2010
A butch lesbians vagina
your mom is a putch
by finch January 08, 2004
A stupid business major
shit Lydur is a fucking hell´s putch
by Anonymous May 04, 2003
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