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n. : a large snackatarian once thought to be considered "cool", complains about his pussy hurting and refrains from awesomely exciting activities with close friends to discuss possible toilet seat covers and scented candles, and will inevitably purchase a mini-van.

syn: The Ralphph
Ralph is not going to the NFL football home game because he is a pussywussy.
by The Beans November 30, 2006
12 2
A male coward who is extremely weak when it comes to relations with women.
"Damion's girlfriend cheated on him and he still didn't break up with her...he's such a pussy wussy."
by fingers November 11, 2004
21 7
when the guy is afraid of the girl in the relationship
levik is afraid of jasmine what a pussy wussy
by diondion January 13, 2008
13 6
A general insult aimed at lesser men.
Don't screw with me pussy wussy.
by Matthew Pryce August 02, 2006
7 8