A male of any race who does specific activities that would be labeled as feminine in nature.
He's such a pussywillow when he wears all of those pink shirts with white scarfs and skips down the sidewalk with his Pomeranian puppy.
by Nathan Schmidtke July 11, 2005
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a plant that grows beside the raod
wow isnt that pussy willow big
by Anonymous August 03, 2003
a joke
That was such a funny pussywillow! I'm just pussywillowing you! You've got to be willowing my pussy!
by sambamalam June 21, 2011
A terrible word, as seen in Family Guy
"Chris, that's a terrible word--pussy willows"
by Cal Hopkins August 27, 2006
1: a really douche of a person

2: white tufts of hair coming out of old peoples ears
1: jimmy was being a real pussy willow today.

2: ah dude, look at the pussy willows coming out of your grandpas ears!
by walexdarsh June 17, 2009
A fucking plant.

Not a dick, not a homosexual; a fucking plant.
"What's that plant called?"

"A pussy willow."
by kaylyn.7461 May 12, 2014
s.pl. testicles that are small, furry, and/or cute; feline testicles.
gf: oooh! i love your pussy willows!
bf: and there goes my hard-on.
by indalomena November 27, 2006

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