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A male of any race who does specific activities that would be labeled as feminine in nature.
He's such a pussywillow when he wears all of those pink shirts with white scarfs and skips down the sidewalk with his Pomeranian puppy.
by Nathan Schmidtke July 11, 2005
127 54
a plant that grows beside the raod
wow isnt that pussy willow big
by Anonymous August 03, 2003
99 50
a joke
That was such a funny pussywillow! I'm just pussywillowing you! You've got to be willowing my pussy!
by sambamalam June 21, 2011
37 16
A terrible word, as seen in Family Guy
"Chris, that's a terrible word--pussy willows"
by Cal Hopkins August 27, 2006
46 27
s.pl. testicles that are small, furry, and/or cute; feline testicles.
gf: oooh! i love your pussy willows!
bf: and there goes my hard-on.
by indalomena November 27, 2006
17 15
1: a really douche of a person

2: white tufts of hair coming out of old peoples ears
1: jimmy was being a real pussy willow today.

2: ah dude, look at the pussy willows coming out of your grandpas ears!
by walexdarsh June 17, 2009
32 31
A dick that won't get hard no matter what. Whether due to age, intoxication, or a brown bag with the lights off type of a girl, your dick flaps around in the same wind that blows the career of Keanu Reeves and the puberty caused tones of the Jonas Brothers.

(Girl waiting and wondering...)
Girl- What the monkey are you doing?
Guy- I'm slapping my dick against your leg so mini-me can wake the frick up, all I've got runnin' is a pussy willow.

(Two friends during a friendly chat)
Friend 1 - Hey, just to remind you, I fucked your ex on Saturday.
Friend 2 - Yeah, that's right, she was telling me how much she missed even my drunken pussy willow fucks with her on Sunday. Way to go you fricken duddy!

Can also be used in the past tense as a name:

Friend 1- Dude, I'm glad you took the hit for the team. How was it though?
Friend 2- Are you kidding me? Lights off, brown bagged and I was still left P.Willowfied at the sight of those brown wizard sleeves! (Can also substitute P.Dubafied)
by Mo Mo Morin February 17, 2009
31 30