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A term that is normally used wrongly to describe a male who is in love and does things that aren't normal for a male. The term is incorrectly used because it implies that men are doing these actions against their will, while in fact they have pet names, buy gifts etc etc because they want to.
Cock - Alex bought gabi a rose and bear that said "i love you" he is so pussywhipped.
by jamalitamali May 09, 2005
18 64
(1) adj - situation whereupon a male is undeniably at the mercy of his high-maintinence girlfriend & answers to her every beck and call, usually followed by the reprioritizing of girlfriend over friends, family, school, food, water, and air.
(2) adj - making decisions based on the incentive of sex
(1) omg, tom's girl has him so fucking pussy whipped that instead of going to the yankees game with me and the boys, he spent his whole weekend at the pottery barn expo, picking out ceramic cats and china patterns. ::insert cracking bull-whip sound HERE::
(2) if she didn't give it up all the time, he wouldn't be so goddamned pussy whipped.
by je adore dior March 08, 2003
3999 928
When one is a slave to coochie and is completely owned and controlled by the coochie's owner.
While vacationing in New York City, Adam (The Bitch) was so pussy whipped he went to a lame ass broadway show and drank a Cosmopolitan intead of taking his woman to ESPN Zone and watching sports and drinking beer. And he still didn't get any cause she has pussy control...and his balls.
by T-bone January 24, 2005
1570 722
when ur girlfriend is the penis of the relationship.
if she says jump, u ask how high?
by orangechicken October 09, 2004
1265 663
You world blindly revolving around your woman.
Jeff's decisions are based on what his woman is doing. Ditching his boys her and forgetting what is important to him. He is SO pussy whipped!
by Jenny Cz February 21, 2004
1038 620
When a male of the species will not do anything against his significant other's wishes for fear that she will retaliate by not performing sexual favors for him.
Friend #1: "Man, that bitch has Jack pussywhipped! Know where he is?"
Friend #2: "Yeah, he's so afraid he won't get any tonight, he's home watching 'Dawson's Creek' with her instead of at the World Series with us!"
Friend #3: "Damn, what a loser."
by FaerieAne December 03, 2003
541 158
Where you give up everything so you can be with your woman. This means blowing off your buddies so you can spend the whole weekend at your girlfriends house, spending crap loads of money on Christmas, Birthdays, movies, dinner (even though you can't afford it) and being at her beckon call. What you once were is history, because you slowly become something else so you can met her expectations, because she usually is high matienance, demanding jewelry and designer clothes
He is so pussy whipped cause he had to save up for a long time so he could buy his woman diamonds and other expensive shit.
by BAZEEEEEEEEEEERT February 01, 2006
767 399
adj. Describing a heterosexual male who is socially and emotionally dominated by his life partner.
Jeff won't come to our tailgate party. He's so pussywhipped Alex Karras sent him a sympathy card!
by Nappy Martin November 30, 2003
421 92