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a guy who is whipped, yet still gets no ass for it
Steve Bushnell is a pussywhipped by Dana Perrinello.
by Will is God November 06, 2004
24 19
A man who compromises his manhood in order to pacify the woman in the relationship for the purpose of maintaining access to the vagina.
He will not stand up to her becouse hes pussy whiped!
by Megatron May 26, 2005
477 160
a man who is very submissive to a woman's needs and desires
Eddie can't give us a straight answer about going out because he's pussy whip.
by Gerard Irick September 28, 2009
138 100
an insecure male who clings to a female particularly when it means disassociation from male friends.
when zach met that fly honey, he pussy whipped his friend to get some stankey on his hangdown
by andrew koch January 27, 2004
132 122
To be whipped by a female partner.
Xander: I got one for ya!
Felipe: Do tell!
Xander: Yeah man! This is the best! So you know how John's girlfriend got a puppy, right? Well it turns out that they almost broke up because John though she was spending too much time with the dog!
Felipe: Damn! He needs his priorities straightened out, eh?
by Sultan of Swing March 14, 2005
12 18
Cool, creamy dessert topping that tastes like fresh-teased pussy. Credited with launching the poon-flavored trend in food manufacturing.

Rumored to be used by neglected housewives to retrain their husbands in a Pavlovian methodology to crave the taste of pussy.
Honey, she put Pussy Whip on everything in the house. Now, whenever it's dinnertime, all I hear out of the bedroom is giggles!
by LSanders April 17, 2012
10 20
1) verb: For a woman to use access to her yummy bits to obtain compliance; to degrade the victim's sense of self-respect and resistance until he complies easily with her demands. To wipe the floor with him.
2) noun: The delicious aroma of fresh clean young pussy.
"Pussy Whip: It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping!"
by Mistah Mumbo Jumbo August 27, 2006
102 121