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Money you pay to keep your girlfriend/woman satisfied or which you have spend on gifts, perfume, dope and jewellery to keep her from diggin someone else.
1. I paid all my pussytax for the next two months. I'm safe.
by lourenço September 13, 2004
1: A tax men pay in order to get laid. 2: Having to do something with your girlfriend that you ordinarily would not do. The thought being that you're only doing it in order to get laid (eg: attend a chick flick, a play, or an art gallery).
dude #1: Have you seen that horrible Tori Spelling show?
dude #2: No.
dude #1: I was at my girlfriends last night paying pussy taxes
and had to watch it. It's horrible.
by black_guy July 02, 2008