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Money you pay to keep your girlfriend/woman satisfied or which you have spend on gifts, perfume, dope and jewellery to keep her from diggin someone else.
1. I paid all my pussytax for the next two months. I'm safe.
by lourenço September 13, 2004
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1: A tax men pay in order to get laid. 2: Having to do something with your girlfriend that you ordinarily would not do. The thought being that you're only doing it in order to get laid (eg: attend a chick flick, a play, or an art gallery).
dude #1: Have you seen that horrible Tori Spelling show?
dude #2: No.
dude #1: I was at my girlfriends last night paying pussy taxes
and had to watch it. It's horrible.
by black_guy July 02, 2008
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The reason why women are earning 77 cents to the men's dollar. The reason why women are overcharged by mechanics, plumbers, electricians and other repair jobs.
The reason why Mary is getting paid less than Michael for the same job is because of pussy tax. Hey, at least she doesn't have to pay for penis tax, which is definitely WAY worse.
by urbandildo June 14, 2016
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