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A pimp,or a heterosexual male who disdains anal intercourse.
"I don't do the ass man I'm a PUSSY PUSHER." Or:"See that pimp man he's the biggest PUSSYPUSHER in town."
by Mugwump November 11, 2004
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Usually a male subject who engages in frequent sexual activity with many different females on the "DL" (Down Low).
One does not usually call himself a pussy pusher but is often labeled this by close friends and cousins who he "kicks it" with as a way to decribe him to Others who do not realize he 'pushes' so much pussy.
Other(s): Damn nigga, who were those fine hoes that just bounced?
Cousin #2, Joker: (Silent)
Cousin #1, Scarface: Those are Joker's (cousin #2) home girls.
Other(s): Dem' bitches are off the 'heezy'
Cousin #1, Scarface: Homie, you didn't know? Joker is the PUSSY PUSHER, nigga!
by Ripps September 20, 2006
1. A passenger on the back of a motorcycle or scooter that sits excessively close to the driver, pressing themselves too tightly against them.

2. A girl that refuses to leave another individual alone at a bar or club.
1. Man, I love taking you all out on my new bike, but Stephanie is so hard to ride with. She's such a pussy pusher, I can hardly concentrate.

2. That girl keeps trying to dance with me, it's killing my vibe. She needs to stop being such a pussy pusher.
by Silamy July 16, 2013
Internet based whore that trolls Friendster, MySpace etc to get customers to view her pictures on a porn site.
I got an add request on Friendster last night, but it was another Pussy Pusher trying to get me to spend.
by mysterJay June 06, 2009

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