(n). its a girl with an over sized clit.. known as a pussy pop.
(adj).its some thing thats really gross and sick
that sandwhich was pussy pop.
that girl is almost a guy she has a pussy pop
by Chris Z, and Dan M. March 21, 2007
Top Definition
A lollipop which the girl has inserted in her pussy and is thus coated in spicy-sweet pussyjuice. Various flavours.
She should call them pussypops! Guaranteed coated with pussyjuice. Available online from Edinburgh - packs of 5.
by O'Flagherty May 13, 2008
A Refreshing Delicious drink for your Cat
Pop a can of pussy pop, and your pussy will be poppin all night long.
by Sara_G September 20, 2008
when girls douche their hoochies and they taste good
"dude did you eat her pussy"
"yeah bro it tasted like a pussypop"
by analbutter May 14, 2016
When a man and woman are having intercourse and as the woman comes down to the base of the penis she makes a loud smacking "pop" noise
woman: Last night I was poppin that pussy..

man: I made her pussy pop..
by that'swhatshesaid:) June 21, 2010
When a woman puts a lollipop or a dumdum in her pussy, swirls it around, most likely wraps it back up in plastic and gives it or sends it to someone else.

Often done by porn stars, web camera girls and such.
Kristy Live Pussy Pop available now for $50
by DCEPorn March 02, 2011
The name of the hit ringtone sold by Sol-T through the iTunes Ringtone App. It was referring to hearing a girl's "pussy pop," hence the name.
"Pussy-pussy-pop-pop, lemme hear dat pussy pop, lemme hear dat pussy pop."
by richie_rich March 02, 2010
When a male rubs the head of his penis around the exterior of a moist vagina then has the girl suck the juices of the head of his penis, simulating a vagina flavored sucker.
Jane loves suckin' a pussy pop.
by SchiggedySchwa June 15, 2008
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