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to prevent a female friend from getting action
I don't want to pussypinch your night with your boyfriend, but I need a ride home.
by Elli Greenwood August 03, 2008
1 0
To pinch a girl on the pussy or cunt!

To sleep with someone else's girlfriend!

To pinch or steal a beautiful cat or kitten.
"Hey! He just gave me a pussy pinch!"

"Hey Glenn why don't you go up to Miss Conway and give her a pussy pinch, I bet she will go wild for it!"

Donna went up to her Principle and said, "That dyke Tina just gave me a pussy pinch, I wanna report her ass for sexual harassment." The Principle replied, "And you didn't get anything from it?"

"Did you hear Tony did a pussy pinch with Matt's girlfriend last night!"
by The Moody Poet August 20, 2006
69 12
1. To take a very small amount of tobacco out of a tin of dip such as Grizzly or Skoal and put it in your mouth.
Allan: Wow you only dip pouches you are such a wimp.

Nick: Look who's talkin all you do is take pussy pinches!
by isniz27 July 07, 2010
10 4