This is referring to a mouth as if it were a pussy. The tongue is like a giant clit. The mouth is wet and wants to be fucked like a cunt.
Put your big fat cock in my pussymouth and fuck my throat.
by Master Titi July 02, 2006
Top Definition
/poos-ee-mouth/ n. Term used discreetly among married straight/bi-curious men to describe any gay male cocksucking connoisseur with a mouth that feels like their wives' pussies used to; the only difference being that this "pussy" satisfies without nagging, having emotions or bleeding, and once you cum, it will leave.
Dude, call Patrick up, that cat has a pussymouth that'll make you nut hella hard!
by Matt*ee September 22, 2009
One who gives head so well that it feels like a pussy when your in there mouth
"Feels like im in your pussy when your suckin my dick, ima tell all my friends about your pussy mouth!"

by Stevo Paff July 27, 2006
Phrase meaning your mouth is all watery.
When Spiteful talks into his mic it sounds like he has a pussy mouth.
by Goern June 23, 2006
Whining to the point of utter annoyance.
Carrie: Oh boo hoo! There is not enough sugar on the rim of my lemon drop shot!

Scott: Shut your pussy mouth, Carrie, and stop complaining about your rim!
by LinShady October 26, 2014
A man's mouth with a goatee.
Did you see that commercial with Billy Mays selling Orange Clean? Man, that guy has a pussy mouth!
by Amenophis IV October 14, 2007
When you can't handle lame spicy foods.
"Dude, you can't handle the jalapenos? You have SUCH a pussymouth."

"I'd like my curry mild, please. I have a huge pussymouth."
by Erynpenis March 20, 2010
the medical condition in which one who has an oral cavity that tastes and smells like a vagina, usually contracted after extended periods of eating out vaginas
lesbian- "Dude, I went to visit Smith college over the summer."
lesbian #2- "Dude, same here, I went last did you get pussymouth?"
lesbian- "HELLS YEA I DID. I had pussy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day everyday."
lesbian #2- *high five*
by kangaroolover11 July 13, 2011
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