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derived from old mystical woodsmen tellings, that explained unexplainable wive disappearances, of a creature conceived when a cat mates with a hound that has an unhealthy appetite for vagina. And this creature would sneak into their dwellings after dusk and harvest their wive's vaginas for a very bland consumption. But in all reality it was just the woodsmen sleepwalking and killing and rapping each others wives then dumping their bodies into a nearby river.
Son: "Dad!!! Mom has mysteriously disappeared!!!! What could have caused this to happen?"
Woodsmen: "Son. It must have been a pussyhound."
by Woodsmen May 27, 2009
13 22
A guy who really likes pussy, really likes it.
I am a pussy hound!!!
by aesop November 06, 2003
110 20
A dude who's main goal in life is balling ladies. And he actually succeeds in getting laid quite often.
Jack Nicholson left the Laker's game at halftime to have a threesome with the Olson Twins. That dude is a total pussy hound.
by Roscoe F July 10, 2008
56 12
Dog that is 1/16th cat.
From Family Guy:

Peter: Hey, just out of curiosity, what breed are you?

Vinnie: Actually, I'm a pussy hound.

Peter: Really? All right!!

Vinnie: That just means I'm 1/16th cat.

Peter: Oh, I wish you hadn't told me that.
by ferdas70 November 25, 2013
24 5
Insatiable heterosexual male who wants to poke every woman he sees. Pervert. Rapist.
Gord's girlfriend left him because he's too much of a pussy hound.
by Adidasrob May 17, 2006
26 60