The large vacouous gulf found in a girl's knickers that men are forever attempting to enter.
That biatch had the tightest pussy hole I ever saw! Man I nearly broke her in half!
#muff #pussy #gash #fanny #flange
by Ed Simmons May 25, 2006
Top Definition
a guy who does not behave like a man.
back of yuh raasclat pussyhole or mi a go bloodclat kill yuh!
by pussyfinder July 25, 2003
A slang commonly used in Jamaica generally for backstabbers or guys how gets rich and switch. Otherwise, it is an all purpose insult.
eg. That pussyhole did not remember to pick me up last night
#pussyhole #betrayer #faggot #backstabber #bitch
by punsy March 27, 2007
1. where the penis enters the vagina. sometimes it may be a foreign object like a beer bottle, finger, gun, fist, soup spoon, etc.

2. an insult that black people tend to use on each other and white people (the white people are generally confused)
1. yo i shoved my entire fist up her pussy hole it was so wide

2. pussy hole lef me
#vagina #pussy #asshole #fuck me harder #yeahh baby yeahh
by trigga May 29, 2006
A person that is a wimp, coward or a little bitch etc but acts hard until put in thier place.
i was in town last sat nite when this dick starts on me, so i rocked his jaw then he ran away crying, the pussy hole!! also pronounced "pussy ole" ie without the H.
#pussy #puff #wimp #coward #bitch puff #pansey
by Ipkiss_uk October 15, 2009
Hole of the Vagina of the female anatomy.
"Jane fingers her pussyhole."
#pussyhole #pussy #hole #vagina #cunt #sex
by Spec_Duck May 04, 2006
A place to burry a cat.
Anthony dug a pussyhole for Morris whose time had come.
#grave #burial site #crypt #tomb #hole
by Alexanders Papsmear June 16, 2009
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