A person who likes pussy.
That cunt likes pussy he's a pussyhead.
#pussyhead #pussy #licker #cuntpussy #cunt head
by reeceyboy21 August 06, 2009
Top Definition
means a girl version of a dickhead
instead of you calling a chick a dickhead call her a pussyhead
by Adriana November 27, 2004
A man with a penchant for spending large amounts of money and effort in the pursuit of women , usually to the extent of leaving himself penniless. A man who pursues women to the extent that a "crackhead" seeks out crack.
Damn , john spent all his money chasing women and can't pay his rent. What a pussyhead!
#casanova #womanizer #dog #broke #gigolo
by dman127 March 18, 2008
a man thinking everytime just about female genitals and catch the smell fresh wet pussy from far away
Dont bring Mills to girls dormitary,he's such a pussy head.
#horny #pussy #girls #wet pussy #genitals
by 2damned June 03, 2007
mike sullivancocksucker
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
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