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someone who encounters endless blockades
"hey, mark says he's going to be late; he's encountered an endless blockade on route 1"

"what a pussyfooter"
by Bert Perchman December 26, 2011
7 5
some one who is afraid of girls, or having sex.
dude you could of got her why did you have to be sucha pussy footer
by bobby heising January 14, 2008
18 9
Someone who does exactly what their asked to do and doesn't have a backbone. This person also does not know how to defend themselves.

**Note: There is a difference between a nice person and a pussy footer.
Damn, yo! My dog is such a pussy-footer. He gave his girl his whole entire paycheck last week for she can go shopping, AND she cheats on him!
by HiGL August 04, 2011
5 1