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A large and often colorful feather plucked from an exotic avian species used by servants to fan a woman of higher socioeconomic status as she lies in the supine position with legs agape for maximum vaginal ventilation.
Oi, slum dog, ready the pussy feather -- there's heat radiating from my labia majoras that only a fanning from a peacock feather could cool down.
by suckmeblanter12 June 12, 2011
an absolute truth; without question. Said after a false statement to confirm truth.
-I just found a million dollars in my mailbox.
by onpoint8 May 08, 2011
a word of exclaimation like "shit!". Used most often when angry about a mistake thats been made.

Man 1: I totally missed that shot! AH Pussy feathers!!!
by malsal June 13, 2007
Pussy Feathers is just another way to call a (dude,man,guy) a chicken or a pussy when he's scared ,or wont do something.
Man 1: You wanna go to the club and hit on some girls man??
Man 2: No not to night bro.
Man 1 :Ok then pussy feathers.
by J Burgess March 04, 2009
(n. & adj.) A tough man who acts tough and thinks people are intimidated by him. Often times picking fights. Can rarely by heard crying "Mommy!" and sucking on his thumb after a physical fight. Doing all these things while beign feminine.
Look at him, that kid is always acting like a pussy feather
by Boris Shpilevoy May 29, 2007

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