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A straight male who acts cowardly or in a stereotypically homosexual manner.
"Dude, you are being such a pussyfag!"
by echo_se7en August 18, 2009
3 1
An insult to someone meaning that they are a weak homosexual with a vagina.
ZT you're such a pussyfag, hurhur.
by Bill Gushman June 04, 2003
23 11
a fag who REALLY likes pussy (this word was made up by Shane Dawson in his make your ugly friend hot video
That gay person is a pussyfag!
by Volcano Burrito November 23, 2010
3 1
One of the worst insults around. Combining two harsh curse words to form an even meaner one. Usually used when someone is utterly repulsed by you.
"I can't talk to her after last night. I bet she thinks I'm a pussyfag or something."
by C. Day February 20, 2005
10 8
A man who is in physical possession of a vagina (i. e. a transgender female to male who has not had or does not desire to have the bottom surgery) who is sexually attracted to homosexual males.

Or a homosexual male who is sexually attracted to trans men who still have a vagina.

This works both ways.
That guy is a pussy fag, which makes her a pussy fag hag.
by MerryGayRound January 24, 2011
1 4