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One who performs oral stimulation of the female genitalia.
Bobby is a really good pussyeater, for he know just how to use his tongue.
by Janus November 03, 2003
55 14
when a male or female licks the inside of a females pussy(vagina) causing extremeeeee pleasure to her
Oh yeah! I eat her pussy whenever we get ready To FUCK! It Was So GOOOOOD!
by freddman September 03, 2003
467 96
A man who would lick a womans "pussy" and lick till she climaxs. A very fun and sexual activity , very pleasurable. Done in a act of love.
i am a pussy eater, i would eat daniela out , i bet she taste sweet. (wink)
by no1 March 12, 2004
386 100
a man who enjoys tasting his woman cause he loves her.
I'm a pussy eater, cause my wife's pussy taste good.
by Just saying the truth October 09, 2003
270 82
lickin down town
puttting my tongue in yours
by anonymous September 11, 2003
164 91
Not only men but women also who eat out women for pleasure. Licking, Sucking, and dipping in a womans pussy.
I am a woman, a woman who is a pussy eater.
by KayLiz1910 December 22, 2010
69 44
to feast upon the flesh of a small furry animal known as a cat
Mark,what the f**k!!, what the hell are doing to that poor animal!
by WeVer September 22, 2003
177 160