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The debris that falls off an unkempt vagina. Such items include: toilet paper, lint, pussy dandruff, pubic lice, etc.
Roy got a mouth full of pussycrumbs while orally pleasuring that nasty bitch from Shamokin.
by The real Kyda August 12, 2010
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Noun. That mess left in your sheets after a long bangin', and your woman's creamy jizz dries on her and then falls onto your sheets. Resembling that someone with severe psoriasis just slept in your bed.
Related to the snail trail, but not a smear.
Guy: Dude, what the hell is all that crap in your bed? Are you really sunburned?
Friend: Aw man, no. You remember how I told you how my girlfriend gets super-wet? Well, I was pounding that ho for a couple hours and then we fell asleep. That's just "pussy crumbs".
by happy diver March 06, 2011
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A wet film left around the mouth after oral sex performed on a female.
Yo, that bitch left me wit pussy crumbs all over my face.
by Dave June 30, 2005
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