Know as a pet cat or stray cat, or in slang known as a lady's bushy area. =]
I love your pussy cat.
by Vagerna August 09, 2007
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a hot chick who is sexy, naughty, and badass; she can come off a little slutty but she's nobody's ho.

The Pussycat Dolls' lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger, is such a pussycat! She's so hot and she doesn't take sh*t from anybody.
by Jaie Heart November 07, 2007
a kitty cat
meoooow. im a pussycat.
by Linzerine March 25, 2010
the original name given to "Josie and the pussycats" . Can also mean the pussycats club- a strip club.
"I just saw the pussycats on tv." or "I'm off to the pussycats you coming?"
by chazzymoo August 14, 2003
verb. When a woman either accidently or on purpose flashes or exposes her nude bottom, with her legs open. Especially directly toward others.
That woman just pussycatted us when she got up!
by NeptuneCZM April 24, 2011
A term for a woman who gives a lot of pussy and to most guys who ask.
She's a pussy cat.
by Judge dredd7 November 06, 2011
Any semi-automatic handgun converted to full automatic. Generally, it refers to something concealable like a handgun, but is sometimes used to refer to AR-15s and other converted civilian rifles
"Listen to that pussycat purr!" "I chopped three punks last night with a pussycat."
by Dead Rabbit September 26, 2006

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