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elegant way of saying pussy
This pusswa is devine.
by Sir Eaton Pusswa III April 01, 2004
the somewhat warm, thick liquid that comes out of the female vagina while she is aroused, also known as cooter juice...pusswa has been known to be a crude form of lubrication, some males preffer to slick up there weiner with the pusswa remaing from men do not have free lubrication like straight males, therefore they usually get canadian hot spots
Dad: Son, can you go grab the oil, I need to lubricate the chain on your bike
Son: Um, father, can't you use the PUSSWA left on your nose from eating mothers vagina out?
Dad: Oh, yes I could, thank you son. Your mother loves a good licking
Son: Yeah, I know, the Mexican who mows our lawn does it best, Mom told me
Dad: Oh, fuck her, we are going to Vegas
by ryan michael2622 March 05, 2007
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