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{noun} Pronunciation: \\PEUSS•pih•RAY•shin\\ (1) vaginal moisture, (2) clever amalgamation of the words "pussy" and "perspiration," or sweat, (3) is it hot in here or is it your MOM??
"This muggy jungle weather! My panties are simply DRIPPING WET with pusspiration," proclaimed a sweating Sweetpetia.
by SweetPete SweetPete July 10, 2008
Lubrication of the vaginal walls due to sexual (or other) arousal.

Synonyms: gettin' moist, juicin', lubrication, wet

n.b. No relation to thermoregulation.

After watching a sick porno, Natalie experienced extreme pusspiration and soaked her panties.
by Joey Maloey November 10, 2007