Any of various predatory, pussy-eating mammals of the order Pussivora, including bros, legends, bears, frat stars, hyenas, and spring break all stars. Pussivores eat pussy and only pussy, and great care should be taken when bringing your bitch around one of these creatures. Pussivores hook regularly, often with a-squad dime pieces.
'Bro, that legend looks like he chows dime box on a daily basis.'
'Yea, he's a Pussivore.'
by thelegend69 November 23, 2008
one who receives his entire nutritional intake from a woman's vulva, including her pee, menses, and orgasm fluids.
Hannah was so sexy and her vulva was so delicious that once Ben had sealed his lips around her vulva, he knew he could never take them away for the rest of his life; by necessity he became a pussivore. Whenever he got hungry, he would lick her to orgasm and drink her rich, salty orgasm fluid. Her periods were also delicious. His becoming a pussivore made a big difference in both of their careers.
by wouldaben December 18, 2010

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