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It's like a pussy and a vagina put together only without the fishy smell.
Woah Caleb, nice pussgina!
by Stoof June 18, 2004
N. Derrived from latin word Possgene, slang for pussy mixed with a vagina. Used in terms to defend ones self on X-Box live.
1) Shut the fuck up you dumb Puss-Gina.
2)Im going to stick my who-ha-dilly in your Puss-Gina.
3)Who would like a Puss-Gina fruit smoothy?
by Me-Who-Hates-All March 05, 2005
someone that qualifies as a severe douchebag, so much that they have the inherent qualities of both a pussy and a vagina.
that one guy ape is a pussgina
by rick james August 21, 2004
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