Term used by Clint Eastwood in the movie "Gran Torino", meaning a sweet "pussy". In other words, It means that you are a sweet faggot.
Kid: I can't ask her out..I'm too scared
Clint E: Well sit here on your ass then Puss cake.
by NoAssClownEss February 16, 2009
Top Definition
1) A young, yet, post-pubescent Japanese boy who is afraid of attaining the pussy, as Clint Eastwood coined in the movie, "Gran Torino."


2) A cake made out of cat (pussy.)

"I gotta go, good day, pusscake." Clint Eastwood as Walt Kowalski in "Gran Torino"
by Seton Hall 2007 January 03, 2009
someone who acts like a giant pussy
kyle trowell is a pusscake.
by audrey ansd matt July 10, 2008
A fancy term for a guy acting like a pussy.
"Jake always complains about how fat he is and how much he hates his body. He whines more than my girlfriend. What a pusscake."
by Josbie55377 July 30, 2012
A pussy . . . not girls genitals or a cat. A person that's to scared to do some stuff. Used when a person is rejected or mad.
Hey Alex, wanna take a ride on my motorcycle?" "No Thank you." "Whatever pusscakes."
by NyanNyanedNyaCat June 15, 2011
PUSSCAKE- person who moves extremely slowly both mentally and physically and always seems to anger the nicest people.

Someone who should wear a helmet at all times.
Example: Goddamnit christina walks so fucking slow, shes such a pusscake!!!
by THe whALe weiouuiuuu March 02, 2011
A total Pussy, in every way possible.

I did not coin this term, and for privacy's sake, I cannot name the guy who did. Well, at least the first person I heard say it, who, incidentally, is not the type to copy. Therefore I assume he coined the term. Anyway to the dude who said it first (initials ST): You rock!
That punk bitched out of the beer bong contest, he's PussCake.
by AmberLocs March 02, 2005
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