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one who pussies out, and complains like a bitch. this term is becoming more and more popular.
dude 1: "dude this is such a great camp out. too bad there's a panther running around here. lets just stay up all night and see it"

dude 2: "yeah im gonna go to sleep so i don't have to stay up and see that"

dude 1: "dont be a pussy"

dude 2: "that shits scary"

dude 1: "dont be a bitch"

hence the name... puss-bitch
by tfeyda July 26, 2009
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What you call someone who is whining like a bitch and/or too scared to do something.
Dude, don't be a puss bitch and ask that chick out.
by Andrew Ernst May 24, 2005
One who pussys out and bitches. usualy resulting in someone flaking on you.
Tucker was being a puss-bitch at the camp out
by Camerontghjhd../ July 26, 2009

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