an all purpose complimentary member of the adverb/adjective family
"Davey, trying to use purse in a sentence when you don't have the cred is so not purse"

Basicly anytime you have the urge to use a dry, overused adjective like "sweet" or want to greet someone you highly respect use purse.
by Reed Villasenor June 03, 2005
The final confirmation of homosexuality, usually present when one speaks.
The dude looked normal to me until he opened his mouth and his purse fell out.
by David Durall' April 28, 2006
1. A pretty container attached to a long strap which a woman may sling over her shoulder. She uses it to carry her ID cards and other items of a personal nature.
2. A woman's dog tags and collar.
Q. Can I see some identification?
A. Sure, let me check my purse...(jingle, jingle, jingle)...ah, here it is.
by starr March 09, 2005
A shortened version of the title Paramedic-Nurse, a relatively new degree offered by Australian universities. Male Paramedic-Nurses are also known as man-bags.
Student 1: "Man, how messy was last night??"
Student 2: "Yeah I know, everyone got trashed, but the purses were the worst by far."
by Foxcat April 20, 2010
To purse: to engage in a one-night stand and then, the following morning, sneak away stealing said one nighter's wallet/purse. (Usually from a male on female perspective).
P1 "So did you have a good time last night?"
P2 "Yeah. Ragged her all night and pursed her this morning..."


"The bastard pursed me."
by Grrrrapes February 22, 2008
1. Vera Bradley-Place for preppy girls' junk, (makeup, lipgloss,)
2. (My Purse) Black Hole
3. Man-Purse, I don't want to know what's in there, but I know some of you who're reading this do.
4. Luis Vuitton- SuperPreps or WannaBe preps

"That Vera Bradley purse cost so much," Prep said,"They're just so expensive, you probably wouldn't want one."
"I've payed $75 for a pair of boots I get filthy once weekly," said Alexis the horse-girl tomboy.
by HorseChik November 26, 2006
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