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Unknown phenomenon involving mysterious body art
unknown at this time.
Yo whats purple eagle mean?
by redbadger214 January 25, 2009
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1. (noun, verb) A rare solo sexual position where a man bends his torso forward and inadvertedly inserts his genitalia into his own ass. This is usually done while wearing a flamboyant purple shirt.

2. (figurative verb) Fucking yourself over at a very inopportune time

Rich really purple-eagled himself when he attempted to talk to that hot girl.

He shouldn't have even studied for that exam because he purple-eagled the hell out of it.
by monopolywithkara March 09, 2009
8 4
The BEST muthafucking shit around. Generally used in conjunction with the word "Muthafucka"

It is an internet meme from the site Youtube
That bitch right there it a muthafucking purple eagle!
by Buhjankedy January 19, 2011
4 3