1.(noun) a violet-colored, cuddly, cute creature who is involved with under cover missions such as stalking squirrels or mall janitors. Purple monsters usually defend their loved ones, and enjoy bushwacking them for fun every so often.
2. A radtastic purple creature.
3. Monsters that usually have cool names like "Michelle Pirate".
4. These creatures tend to listen to music ALL THE TIME, but they can't stand country music.
5. This kind of monster is very shy, and when you get to know the REAL monster inside her, you may start to even love her. & if you fall in love with her, you may realize how gigantic a problem that really is.
6. PURPLE MONSTERS HATE LIARS. Don't ever lie or break a promise to them, for you will FOREVER regret it.
7. Although, they are monsters, purple ones tend to have a good heart. So don't be scared of them, they only want to be your friend.
8. Purple monsters are usually girls. And usually a girl that is insecure with who she may be.
9. Purple monsters are the best friends to have.
10. If you hug a purple monster, you are forever blessed.
Friend:"Who is this crazy girl bushwacking me?"
Purple Monster: "It's me, your friendly neighborhood, Purple Monster!"
by mishizzy|monstrosity August 05, 2008
Top Definition
the combination of vodka nyquil and red bull britney spears went nuts on at the beginning of 2008
"yo britney what you drinking?" "its a purple monster, DON'T TOUCH MY KIDS FEDERLINE!"
by sykksmoke January 08, 2008
1. A category of vibrators that are particularly large and threatening. They can be identified by the warning colors that they have evolved over time, usually ones that are not normally found in nature.
2. A threat used to strike fear in the hearts and colons of straight men.
1. The noise from my roommate's Purple Monster kept me awake all night, and she lives on the other side of the house!
2. If you keep pissing me off, I'll use the Purple Monster on you!
by chavi November 28, 2005
The african vagina, characterized by it's purple coloration. The purple monster tends to be much better summed up by the phrase "large and in charge" than the boring pink vagina of a white woman.
Billy had the jungle fever real bad last night; he couldn't get enough of that purple monster.
by Bretttt March 10, 2008
The state of ones penis before ejaculation.
Jeff Caulkins gripped his purple monster while spewing a load on bobbie's ass!
by alaskarich June 30, 2003
a cuddly, cute purple creature who is also involved with the CIA.
Michelle Patire is a purple monster.
by mishizzy|monstrosity August 05, 2008
in this case, not the head of a penis but miss robson, the manly female teacher that possesses a beard.
She is insensitive and spiteful, nasty moo!
'imagine if you were a big purple monster!'
'erm miss, thats u, u stupid fuckin man'
by dave February 16, 2004
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