as in, when you add the boy to the girl
o cmon you know....
when the guy sticks his ornament into the hood????
*cough sex cough*
"hey, girl, the narrator and i purpled all night"
"blanksville population: 2. it was a very purple town"
"they kissed and kissed and a light shade of purple was produced"
on school trips, blue+blue is ok, and pink +pink is ok, but we DON'T WANT PURPLE!!!!
by KateKT January 10, 2006
The most kickass alley in Lloyd.
Purple is so much better than Fingal's, Tropic, Inferno, VI, Valhalla, and Kaos.
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
when girls and guys bang
wiater:hey guys! make purple, support purple!
girls: purple? what do you mean?
waiter: you know.. girls are pink and guys are blue and when they makes purple
girls: ahaha oh purple, kay ;) we will
by JGH January 01, 2007
A Person who is half bloodred and half cripblue. I hope you understand. It's basically when you mix a blood and a crip,you get purple.
Hey look at that purple walkin down the street. It must be hard being half blood and half crip cause you don't know what side to take
by samone May 15, 2005
purple can mean :
1. fat and ugly (probably only understood if you live in some parts of england
2. to be sexually turned on
1. a colour made by mixing red and blue
person1: euch, look at her, shes fugly!
person2: no, SHES PURPLE!!
by feelinverypurple September 19, 2004
a wild person who wears large T-shirts and drinks marijuana.
Annie over there just so happens to be a "purple"
by InsaneFeline January 12, 2009
Girl and boy together . Pink and Blue equals purple.
No purple on the retreat .
by Som gal June 29, 2005
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