a type of marijuana you smoke and get high off of.
"Smokin on purple ease my mind.This shit that we get high to.Yahhhh!Its murder,murder,murder gotta keep ya nine."-Lil'Boosie. "Boosie took another hit then he past it to me"-Webbie.
by Mz.Juicyfruit Bublegum April 11, 2007
the color everybody says that you are lesbian if you wear it.
Amy: She is wearing purple! Doesn't that mean she's a les?
Sarah: Yeah! And she was like all over me yesterday!
by gir_strikes_back_to_his_supper March 23, 2009
excessive flirting
-are you making purple with me?
-did you see them?! they were SO making purple.
by kitri August 03, 2008
1. A colour.
2. The colour of a DCYC dress! Yaaay!
3. In some regions, describes one's sexual orientation - in this case, that one is bisexual.
1. 'did you know carrots are naturally purple?'
2. 'Wow, DCYC sure sang good today - loving those purple dresses!'
3. 'Are you pink, purple or blue?'
by EmptyMask October 26, 2006
skin tone, exaggeratedly black, extra dark skinned,charcoal
boy you aint black, you purple.
by danickelina May 06, 2007
a colour that is worn by a hooligan, hoodlum, etc (not a gangmember) that supposed to mean respect (similar to red or blue for bloods and crips). it is not worn by a member of a street gang because that would be a *violation of their set's colours (bloods= red)
purple means respect, not homosexuality
chuck was wearing purple to represent respect, not a set
by playa del seville November 05, 2005
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