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excessive flirting
-are you making purple with me?
-did you see them?! they were SO making purple.
by kitri August 03, 2008
a type of marijuana you smoke and get high off of.
"Smokin on purple ease my mind.This shit that we get high to.Yahhhh!Its murder,murder,murder gotta keep ya nine."-Lil'Boosie. "Boosie took another hit then he past it to me"-Webbie.
by Mz.Juicyfruit Bublegum April 11, 2007
skin tone, exaggeratedly black, extra dark skinned,charcoal
boy you aint black, you purple.
by danickelina May 06, 2007
1. A colour.
2. The colour of a DCYC dress! Yaaay!
3. In some regions, describes one's sexual orientation - in this case, that one is bisexual.
1. 'did you know carrots are naturally purple?'
2. 'Wow, DCYC sure sang good today - loving those purple dresses!'
3. 'Are you pink, purple or blue?'
by EmptyMask October 26, 2006
a colour that is worn by a hooligan, hoodlum, etc (not a gangmember) that supposed to mean respect (similar to red or blue for bloods and crips). it is not worn by a member of a street gang because that would be a *violation of their set's colours (bloods= red)
purple means respect, not homosexuality
chuck was wearing purple to represent respect, not a set
by playa del seville November 05, 2005
To be horny
To play with yourself
Chick: I was so purple last night
by Shimmying Ninja April 19, 2008
The texture of Kenneth Mitchel's skin tone,
You a purple ass nigga
by antwuan jones May 06, 2008