Noun: phrase used to call someone out when something offensive was said, usually when it is un-pc

Adjective: Something that is offensive

Verb: To offend someone, To be offended
Person 1: That's so retarded...
Person 2: PURPLE!!!!

Person 1: She is so exotic looking
Person 2: that was so purple...

(About to get into a confrontation)
Person 1: Don't purple me out!!!

(After getting in a fight about something offensive)
Person 1: I was so purpled out...
by Pancheca April 29, 2010
Adjective to describe how tight a girl is during intercourse.

Derives from what color your finger/penis turns when you put it into the female vagine
Guy 1: Did you get lucky last night?
Guy 2: Yeah, she was SO purple!
Guy 1: Well, I'd hope so...she WAS a virgin
by PurpleLovingGuy February 09, 2010
A colour that is now WAAAY over favourited. ):
"dude what's your favourite colour?"
"Ew really, i don't like that colour anymore becasue too many people like it and it's specialness got ruined."
by Emmers95 October 09, 2009
1. An adjective to describe something worthy of being epic. If something deserves the status of epic, you award it with purple.

2. Another word for particular level of gear in the online game World of Warcraft. Gear on epic level is purple.
1. This, my friend, is epic win. I'm giving it purple.

by Dance179 July 10, 2008
Another name for sandwich bags.
Johnny uses many purples throughout the year, because he packs his own lunch.
by Killdar July 23, 2008
Any group of colors with a hue between violet and red.
2) Purple cloth worn as a symbol of royalty and high office.
3) Elaboraet and orate; purple prose.
i love that purple tank top!
by purp September 23, 2003
A nigger that is so black, he/she's purple.
He's such a purple; if he didn't smile when it was dark outside, I'd run that nigger over.
by purplesarenasty January 13, 2011
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