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A Canadian 10 Dollar bill.
I want this in Purples

Can you make change for a Purple?
by Floru January 08, 2011
The freaking color.
A purple armillidilo attacked me this morning.
by skypath@mail.com October 14, 2011
Gear or materials in World of Warcraft, one level below the highest and most impossible to acquire quality. Also known as epics.
Kick that guy. His purples are shitty.

Dude, fuckin' sweet purples.
Thanks! Took me ten runs to get the damn boots to drop, though. DX

Can she heal?
I should fuckin' think so! Check out those purples!
by Pseudonym Undercover July 11, 2011
1. Another name for (TMI) Too Much Information. Usually sexual innuendo references. 2. In healthcare offices, when a co-worker reveals private information about a confidential case.
-I skipped lunch and went home for a nooner.

by PurplyP December 13, 2010
a color made from combining the colors red and blue on the color wheel.

also considered by many to be "gangsta."
DAYUM, Kanye can sure pull off a purple scarf and make it look gangsta. Cos we all know purple is just that; gangsta.
by weirdo123456 June 26, 2009
Extremely potent marijuana. Usually stronger than other types of weed. Contains a very high percentage of THC and has purple leaves. Famous from The Bay's own rapper, Nump, for the song "I Got Grapes"
Ay Brian! You got that purple.

I Just got dat purple from that nigga.

Imma try to cop some purple

by DummyDooDooYee January 08, 2009
1.) A color often found in more potent marijuana. This fact can often be exploited by dealers into making customers pay extra, even though a purple hue means nothing more than that the temperature in the growing room was turned down, or that the bud is very mature.

2.) A color that very, very black people turn into.
1.) Buyer: How much is it for a quarter? $100 as usual?
Dealer: Nahhh this batch got like four purple hairs!! It's $120 bro.
Buyer: PURPLE HAIRS?!? Shit just take $200!!!!!!!!
2.) Hot damn... Djimon Hounsou from Blood Diamond is so dark he's almost purple
by wail23 October 05, 2010