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Girl and boy together . Pink and Blue equals purple.
No purple on the retreat .
by Som gal June 29, 2005
an extreme case of horny-ness
jeez, my boyfriend sure is purple today
by brainy blond October 12, 2005
a guy who like to be high all the time and doesnt know when to stop, he cold generally be an asshole, sometimes nice. Likes to fuck alot of girls.
Geez...he's such a PurplE
by Amanda Viera May 23, 2008
A mix of Robitussin Maximum Strength cough syrup with juice, generally fruit punch, to make a drink called "purple." It is the beverage of choice for club-going southern rappers such as Paul Wall and the Three 6 Mafia.

The addition of ground codeine tablets transforms "purple" into "syzurp," "sizzurp" or "syrup."

Alternatively, Sprite may be used instead of juice.

"So purple, p-purple, p-purple and swallow it down with
the yurple, yurple, yurple
It's goin dowwwwwn"
--DJ Paul in Three Six Mafia - Gotta Stay High

"Cock the 4, hold the duce
Mix the sprite made a juice
Prepare to lean off that codeine
Prescription call it syrup gettin ya loose"
--Jim Jones - What You Been Drankin On
by DJ rc294 feat. Buff Waks December 06, 2005
A penis, specifically the helmet shaped end.
Come here and lick me purple..
by Bear January 23, 2003
Police (think "po-po")
<Police sighted>
by EFIL4ZIGGAN March 17, 2006
Purple first in to came slang use at my school about two weeks ago. It doesn't mean anything, not even the color purple. It is simply used when you want to be random.
Jenny was getting bored. "PURPLE!" she shouted.
by Loki September 20, 2004