A state of intense and prolonged sexual arousal brought about by fantasies of violating the spouses of political candidates of both parties.
Garvin was in a purple state from his desire to give the First Lady a Dirty Sanchez.
by alzzie November 06, 2006
Top Definition
A term that is used to descibe a even split in a state between democrat and republican voters.
Ohio is usually a purple state in Presidential Elections.
by The OGMAN June 25, 2005
All the states,with the possible exception of Washington D.C. which may be ultraviolet, since it's constituency votes at about 97% democrat.
Even the most conservative states are purple because they vote at least 40% democratic, and as we all know that would make them all various shades of purple states -- ranging from magenta to ultraviolet.

There are no red or blue states, only purple states.
by monkiki November 06, 2006
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