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add a fifth consenting adult female and place one's head (not penis) inside of preferred orafice.
Coque was not so pleased to learn that the previous night could have included a taste of purple starfish if not for his irregularly large head.
by pinksock October 23, 2005
Top Definition
Another name for the anus because of the the usual purple color and wrinkles that protrude out of the butthole looking like a starfish's legs.
The chode is between the nut sack and the purple starfish.
by Pismire April 18, 2006
n. butt hole, anus, rectum used to excrete human waste from the digestive system.
"That girl got her tongue all up in my damn purple starfish. Hell, I told her to get a damn Tic Tac she want to kiss me again."
by Kjackoh November 27, 2006
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