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The thought of having to pay child support after your girlfriend tells you shes pregnant.
Wishin' on a falling star

Waitin' for the early train

Sorry boy, but I've been hit by purple rain

Aw, come on, Joe, you can always

Change your name

Thanks a lot, son, just the same

- America Ventura Highway
by Rowger May 29, 2013
2 5
Diarrhetic condition caused by consuming too much wine.
Damn dude, after that Tour de Franzia, I was makin some serious puprle rain!!

She was always disturbed when Prince sang "I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain."
by Qrys2fur June 21, 2010
23 29
Purple Rain is a sexual act much like a Golden Shower, except the woman committing this act is on her period.
Guy at pornography store - "Excuse me, does this film have any Golden Shower scenes in it?"

Video clerk - " No bro but it has a crazy Purple Rain scene in it!"
by Miss Metal Heels August 05, 2010
11 30
No one really knows for sure what prince meant by purple rain. There are a number of theories. One is that purple rain is semen from black guys. It has a certain logic to it because purple spear is a black guys pecker,purple pie is black pussy ect.
That black guy is getting ready to shoot his purple rain.
by Deep blue 2012 June 09, 2010
22 46
A type of pollution-induced precipitation common in the Eastern Hemisphere. Similar to acid rain, purple rain has a higher acidity and is even more devastating when concentrated in small bodies of water.
Kin Jong Il spoke to the North Korean peoples about the dangerous effects of purple rain.
by Diggity Monkeez February 28, 2005
37 64
African American jizz
I bet Dennis Rodman has some serious purple rain
by PShennanigans August 31, 2008
9 42
A woman's period.
Watch out for purple rain!
by Channah22 August 13, 2008
7 40