twistying the nipple till it turns purple

raise your 13 own damn kids
i like rough sex... purple nurple is for the win

by rogh sex and gay porn February 24, 2009
the act of grabbing someones nipple so hard they can feel their soal escaping thru the fresh tears in their titty
guy: oh my god my nips hurt so bad

guy 2: why ur nips killing
guy: fred ripped them off with a massive purple nurple
by footballbro72 January 20, 2015
the mark left after a pinch
the bruise after a punch
by nester November 13, 2003
a bad herpes sore on the lip or nose
Jim said, "Yo' man, did you see Mike's purple nurple today!?"
Heather replied, "Hell yeah, I would've never guessed him for herps."
by T7B December 23, 2009
A potent varity of marajuana which displays purple 'hairs'
I just scored me some purple nurple
by Tribaldragon73 September 26, 2005
twisting nipples and enjoying it doing it so you can say purple nurple
Michelle likes to twist the nipples of the wholly mamoth as Chrissy and Julie watch in horror
by Bobby Ballhaire June 25, 2003
a titty twister
Andrew gave me a purple nurple, but nurple wasn't so purple 2 days later when I looked at my nurple. After that I went workin', flerkin', and gerkin'!
by Spills January 14, 2004
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