A penis. The male sex organ.
He lost his purple headed yogurt slinger in an interesting yet unfortunate tricycle accident at the age of 45.
by Krackershaft November 28, 2002
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pitching a tent
sporting a wood
icicles formed
the march is on
mr. mortis
rigor mortis has set in
flesh rocket
jack's magic beanstalk
tall tommy
mushroom on a stick
and, uh, pedro
varsity blues classic scene, purple headed yogurt slinger is the final example prior to pedro.
by Mikey Cee April 24, 2006
After the cock has become fully erect, and the choking of the member has turned it a light tint of purple, a consentrated, fishy-smelling white substance is slung from the head like yogurt.
After a woman has performed felatio on her man(hopefully her man) and she has yogurt on her face, the Purple Head has Slung the Yogurt.
by John September 20, 2003
A slang reference to the penis. Made popular by Talia Drzewiecki.
Hungry? My purple headed yogurt slinger's ready when you are.
by Hex June 11, 2004
A term referring to an erection. Due to the fact that an erect penis has a purple like head and that it slings a yogurt like substance. This term is used in the movie Varsity Blues.
I used my purple headed yogurt slinger to give that a girl a houdini.
by Biscuits July 03, 2006
Slang for your cock when he gets big and hard, called "purple-headed" because of the color of your tip when you are turned on, and "yogurt-slinger" because of the come that you shoot when you ejaculate.
When she saw my purple-headed yogurt slinger standing up big and tall and proud and in his full glory, swollen to his full erect height of ten and a half inches, she said, "Oh, yes, I WANT it!"
by Adam Phillips November 17, 2007
a cock when your about to cum.
after i wad done with that girl i had a purple-headed yogurt slinger
by Jeff February 25, 2004

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