after discovering the were nicknames for the the five dollar bill (fin) and this twenty dollar bill (queen) common newfoundlanders decided there should be a nickname for the ten dollar bill, hence the purple fuck
yo man, whats on the g-o my homie. did you bring your purple fuck? tonights gonna be off da hook!
by brown November 21, 2003
Top Definition
Synonym for a cocktail also known as a "purple jesus". Usually made with Vodka, grape juice and ginger ale (variants include blue curacao,southern comfort etc)
That chick is sippin' a purple fuck.
by DJKham July 24, 2008
A delicious beverage made primarily from Sprite, with enough blue drink mix and Hawaiian Punch to turn the drink a lightish purple. This drink is like sugary sex.
Dude, we gotta mix up some Purple Fuck for that party.
by Cap'n King June 18, 2009
A slang term used to decribe a canadian $10 bill, due to it's purple color.
"Dude, could you spot me a purple fuck? I'm a bit short of the ticket price."
by Brent November 18, 2003
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