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1: (adj.) Wasted on purple drank, an illicit yet delicious mixture of prescription promethazine/codeine cough syrup and one's preferred lemon/lime soda, served in a cheap styrofoam cup. Sometimes spelled 'purple-drunk'.

2: (n.) A person who is intoxicated from purp orpurple drank (e.g., every member of Three Six Mafia), often a Southerner or baker. Such people often exhibit drowsiness from the promethazine, as well as opioid-induced hallucinations from excessive consumption.
guy 1: I got busted by the po-po for dranking and driving; apparently, I hallucinated that I was crowdsurfing at a Three Six Mafia concert and crashed my slab into a dumpster.
guy 2: Damn! You mush have been totally purple drunk!
by chillr October 10, 2013
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