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purple perscription cough surup mixed with sprite for drink to get high on... they started it in H-Town, ask Mike Jones
"let's drink some purple drink"
by purpledrink August 13, 2005
Drink of no actual fruit origin known simply by its color, Purple Drink. From the makers of Orange Drink. Can be found in most refrigerators next to Sunny D.
Ingredients for Purple Drink

"Fuck Sunny D, I want some of that purple drink."
by El Zacko September 23, 2006
A mispronunciation of the word purple drank
jumpoff; hey man you got some purple drink
o.g.nah but i got some purple drank
by rectalplasma January 17, 2009
black mans drink or roofies turned in to a liquid, easly confused for grape kool-aid or any other gay drink.
man 1: dude, martha sliped me a purple drink last night.
man 2: uh... is she the 70 year old secertary.

martha (in a deep voice): hey boys, give me them disco sticks.
by ring laeder June 07, 2010
nickname for Tarvaris Jackson, starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, and a waste of a second round draft pick.
Damn you see the Vikes game today? Purple Drink completely fucked it up.
by RealTalk612 October 24, 2007
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