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A new and powerful strain of marijuana, a cross of Purple haze and sour diesel. Most people have heard about sour diesel and purple haze, and for most pot smokers opinion it might be one of the best strains out their. It has a very strong smell to it from the sour diesel cross and a purple soul (the extra color that marijuana has sometimes) from the purple haze cross. usually you can smell it from about 3-10 ft away from where the weed is, thats one reason why pot smokers love the diesel. The purple look to it makes it look very pretty and exotic. For my opinion its one of the best strains of weed out to this point, the high is really strong but its good and the high can last for about 2-5 hours.
~yo bra I'm on deck with some new fire called purple diesel.
-ay let me get at you with that bra.
~fo sho bra,, how much u need??
- let me get a QP bra
~ight fo sho,
by bop-one-time-fo-you-boy March 08, 2011

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