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Slang in Oklahoma and North Texas. An interchangeable noun that can mean almost any plural object, much like the word "Smurf" in the cartoon days of old. Often used incorrectly in english with the leading word "them".
"I wanted to bring in the pecans, but them puppies just ain't hit the ground yet."

"My mom made up flapjacks today, and them puppies was delicious."
by Beezus November 07, 2004
70 54
A small dog, usually cute and playful
Look at that cute puppy!
by Puppy man June 03, 2003
1176 185
A small, cute dog. People enjoy puppies because they're cute and playful, but after about three weeks they've grown into full-size dogs who knock stuff over and take dumps on your furniture.
Damn it Harold, your puppy just took a shit on my Barcalounger.
by C++ February 10, 2005
732 189
a lil doggy
ello puppy
by anonymous September 29, 2003
601 193
Baby dogs.
by anonymous February 16, 2003
497 139
Womens Breasts, also refered to as Funbags, Hooters
Oh my lord I think she is going to let the puppies out
by Poon Idol December 24, 2003
513 196
1. A very cute, young, fuzzy, typically small and playful dog.
2. Referring to an object.
3. (Slang) A very attractive girl who attracts guys by whining.
1. Nothing is cuter, sweeter, or snugglier than a puppy. =)
2. That's one fast puppy!
3. The new girl on my street is a puppy.
by Someone, March 09, 2006
345 97
*A baby dog.

*If plural, it refers to breasts.

*A slang term for a person, when referring something in relation to.
"There's nothing in life more cute than a puppy. ^-^ "

"Show me some puppies!!!"
-Jerry "The King" Lawler

"He's an expert in torture and he likes his gun because the bullets lodge in instead of going through, making the one almost incapable of healing. He's one sick puppy, that Ocelot."
-Master Miller, MGS
by Dave July 25, 2004
244 104