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Someone who has to listen to a teacher. Usually between the ages of 4 and 18.
A: So, what are you doing for the next 14 years?

B:Going to be a pupil.


B:I know.
by kittsville July 12, 2009
black part of someones eye
dude why is ur pupil so big
by unknown person thinkgy mibob November 04, 2007
1: the black part of your eye,the center of your eye.
2:becomes realy dialated(or big) when your high.
1: i had to get my pupils checked when soap fell in my eye.
2: the cops checked my pupils when they saw me smoking pot in the hideout.
by naomi::pothaed November 02, 2008
The thing in your eye that tells everyone else how high you are.
Dude, why are your pupils so big?
by slightlyfaded September 13, 2008