The female genetailia.....i<3 it
.... well when a man loves a woman or he just wants some puntang he gets horny urges....
by $$$ zack Wynn#11 November 09, 2005
a reference to a womans vagina
man i need to get me some fuckin' puntang.
by Namaseit September 13, 2002
Females of the human race.
Beth: I went to an all girl's Catholic school.

Me: Wow! How many puntang?

Beth: Almost 600, including me.
by Peter McBride October 06, 2007
puntang - Nothing better !
a six pack of beer & puntang all on a saturday night there ain't nothing better that that
by RW August 18, 2003
A woman's axe wound.
That mugambo looks like Puntang!!
by Anonymous December 23, 2002
The nessisecity of all life basis, puntang is like air, you'll die if you aren't getting any.
Boy do i want to love and cherish that puntang, Baby
by Kamehameha November 14, 2003
it's only puntang when it's sweet which is for about a week a day or two after the bitch period...when it's tangy like a pineapple.
joe's mouth glistened and smelled like puntang and so beth kissed him, letting him know that she too enjoyed herself.
by lil big lil January 14, 2004

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