it's only puntang when it's sweet which is for about a week a day or two after the bitch period...when it's tangy like a pineapple.
joe's mouth glistened and smelled like puntang and so beth kissed him, letting him know that she too enjoyed herself.
by lil big lil January 14, 2004
Top Definition
Function: noun
Plural Form: puntang
Alternate Spellings: poontang
Etymology: Filipino (Ilokano dialect) putang (whore, fuck)
1: female genitalia
2: sexual intercourse
1: Her puntang was the warmest and silkiest I had ever fucked.
2: I need to get some puntang while I'm down there in Cancun.
by raygee July 30, 2003
A "street word" that is refrence for a womens vagina.
Dude, i taught my boner to say puntang; watch.
by Uniqueballs April 19, 2003
Comes from Tagalog (Philippines) slang term 'putang ina mo' which literally means 'your mother is a whore'. Corrupted into english to mean pussy / vagina.
I'm gonna get me some of that sweet puntang next time I'm in the philippines.
by swizzzzles July 24, 2005
PUN TANG (the correct way to spell it) ** pooty-pussy. Pop tha twAt!
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
slang term for a girl's private region.
Hey man look over there, you can see jessica's puntang!!
by iain April 05, 2003
A delicious concoction of vodka and Tang. Not to be confused with poontang.
Bartender, mix me up a puntang.
by Sapfel September 04, 2010

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