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Verb, used to describe an individual that can't help by make bad jokes (usually a PUN).
Usually these PUNs are meant to be dumb, and quite often deliberately lame. A Punster favors bad play on word jokes but is not limited to play on word jokes. Lame humor (see anti joke and dad joke) would also fit the character of a Punster.
Punster: *walks on stage and points to (electronic) speaker* "Friends I'd like to introduce our guest speaker"
Audience: *fake laugh* "Get on with the demo"
Punster: *points to mic* "And his friend Mike"
Audience: *Booing noise* "Get of the stage Punster!"
Punster: *smirk* "Wow the 'feedback' here is terrible."
Audience: *Boo* "Get out!"
by G July 21, 2015
A "social group" based around the infamous "Punboy". Basically, randomly switching between khaki slacks and shirts, and jeans and tshirts, and shorts and both shirts and tshirts, and randomly wearing a leather jacket, and listening to rock, punk rock, and heavy metal only. If you match that, yer a punster. Congratulations.

This is not applicable
As this is a definition of a social group.
by Pun Dawgy Dawg May 22, 2004

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