a word you use to your significant other to indicate love after one uses a "pun" in some way.
"hey babe, let's go to that "odditorium"!"
"Oh punny, your so funny!"
by reallyfkincool January 04, 2010
one who is funny in a punning fashion is punny
"the doormaker was a real knob." in an example of someone being punny.
by improvidiot September 23, 2010
a bad humored pun thatwould be concidered comedy but makes no one laugh
Comedian- "I just flew in from the East Coast and boy are my arms tired!"
Audience- ha ha... (that was the punniest (punny) opening ever)
by ANARCHY951 January 03, 2011
brotherly kiss
by shahaan aziz July 10, 2008
another word for pussy or fluffy muff
Oh shove it up my punny baby yer!
by Fred the Breadrin March 12, 2003
to be a pussy
You got bitched around you little punny.
by mike santos March 02, 2004
A word used to describe a pun that was recently said and doesn't make you cringe. Less often used to describe a person who's good at using puns to cause laughter.
A) Peter just won a snooker tournament, guess he was just waiting for his cue.

That's really punny!

B) Sam just made a good pun about Peter winning the snooker tournament.

Well he's a punny guy.
by Arca9 March 06, 2015

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