shorty. hunny. baby. sugar. darling. etc...
"hot, sexy punkie. me punkie."-Sean Paul
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
Top Definition
baby, lover, boy/girl friend, shorty, hunny
'Hot Sexy Punkie, Me Punkie'
--Sean Paul
'Punkie' from 'Dutty Rock'
by LaLa January 02, 2004
A vagina.
A word commonly used in Caribbean Islands.
Yes, that IS what Sean Paul is singing about.
"Hot sexay punkie, me punkie"

-Sean Paul
by latrodectus55 September 02, 2008
a biting midge
The punkies are driving me nuts. (example of punkie)
by The Return of Light Joker June 05, 2011
A tiny, fuzzy, semi-shaved, vagina that is very very stinky.
Drew: "Gimme dat lil stinky Punkie!"
Amy: "Punkies! Punkies!"
by Pacha Cassara April 08, 2012
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